Sunday, 23 October 2011

comment on friend Blog in Malaysia

After read my friend blog with the address : then i gave a comment. My comment are below:

Hi friend how are you?
I just want to give a comment into your blog. I like these statement “The identity of a Malaysian will not be affected if he or she is well-versed in the English language. With mastery of English, we can compete on the international stage and still maintain our identity,”. Starting from my own experiences. As Timorese we can speak:
- Bahasa Indonesia ( we under Indonesia for 24 years).
- Tetum ( our National Language)
- Makasae ( my local language, please take note also that almost every district, have our own local language)
- English (After got independence many foreign staff are working in TL, that is why some of young generation can speak English)
- Portuguese ( based on our education system, Tetum and Portuguese as our official languages)
So, if you look at the list above indicated that most of young Timorese can speak at least three languages
 ( sorry i don't know how many language are using in Malaysia). But honestly i can tell you that i like too much to learn English. The reason is when you write something in English people around the world can read. I'm sorry if you don't understand what I wrote here or my comment is hurting you. PDC-TL

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