Thursday, 24 March 2011

Just got an email from My friend in Japan after Earthquake and Tsunami

Dear ex-participants and friends,
 Thank you very much for your kind concern for the victims of the TOHOKU-KANTO Earthquake and Tsunami.
 I really appreciate your kindness and feel so glad to know that there are so many people all over the world who care about Japan and its people. 
Here in Kyushu Island and the western part of Japan, things are going quite normally.
Your Course Leaders are fine and so am I.
But it is so sad  when we think of the situation of victims of the devastated earthquake and tsunami, who are suffering from the cold weather and shortage of daily necessities. 
At present, rescue, medical, health care professionals, together with the Police and Defence Forces are actively operating at the disaster-stricken areas. What we can do as ordinary citizens who live outside of the area right now are money donation and blood donation for transfusion for those who injured. 
Because the situation there doesn't allow many Japanese people, including myself, who want to engage in volunteer activities in order to help the victims to go there yet.
So please pray for them with us..

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